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02 Sep , 2016

Woman playing golf

We have all been there, stuck in the middle of the course with someone who is a ‘slow player’ and your stomach and energy levels are not impressed! When you are planning to play 18 holes, rule number 1 is to make like a girl scout and be prepared! Bringing some light snacks and refreshments with you can be the difference between playing a game below par or smashing it!  

Now, you really have to think about what snacks you are going to pack for your game. What food you bring can really affect your game so you need to put a bit of thought into it. You don’t want to just through a chocolate bar and a can of some sugary drink into your bag and head off, that will end in disaster! Nope, golf is now a much more serious game than it used to be and what you eat and drink is paramount to your performance on the fairway. I mean, did you know, that with the right food and drink you can save between 3-5 shots per round… indeed! Got your attention now?

When you head out for a game you are going to be walking and concentrating for on average 3-4 hours, maybe longer. That is a long time to be without some sort of energy booster! Plus lining up shots, figuring out what club to use, reading the greens etc., all of these things require you to be at your mental best and that won’t happen if you are trying to figure out what you are going to order once you eventually get to the 19th

So, a couple of suggestions then to get you from 1 to 18 playing your best and keeping your energy levels up! 

Water, water and more water. Drink lots of water before you head out and make sure to bring a large bottle with you. Try and make a habit of taking a few sips on every tee and therefore you are keeping yourself hydrated regularly. You will lose a lot of fluids walking along the course on each round and topping yourself up at regular intervals is the secret to maintaining your body’s hydration levels. 

Healthy snacks to pack include stuff like almonds (fill you FULL of energy), bananas, granola bars, raisins, trail mix etc. What you are looking for are foods that are full of nutrients and protein but are also low in calories. These types of foods will balance out your blood sugar therefore keeping you mentally on top of your game, therefore (hopefully!) leading to a top-drawer performance on the course. 

Things to avoid are stuff like alcohol… for obvious reasons! Also any foods that are heavy and very filling and will weigh you down and make you feel drowsy. So, avoid that fried breakfast before you grab your sticks and also anything containing too much sugar, like fruit juice or sodas. Think carefully about what you are putting into your body and how it will affect your mood and therefore your game. Plus remember that you only have a small amount of space in your golf bag so the key is to find smaller, compact, energy filled foods. Then you can play your best game to date and enjoy a well-deserved lunch or dinner when you make it back to the clubhouse! 

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