Golf Ettiquette for Beginners

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16 Sep , 2016

Golf Course Ettiquette

So you have decided to take up golf…well, welcome aboard! Now, once you have stocked up with some choice gear from, you are half way there! Have a bit of fun with this bit though, there is so much to choose from and you can walk out on the course for your first round feeling elegant and stylish and ready to rock. 

Just a few pointers then, to ensure that you are familiar with the basics of golf etiquette and understand how to respect your fellow players when you are out on the course. Nothing too hard to handle, just general points! 

First up is making sure to be on time. Golf is all about respect and people’s time is your number one priority. If you have booked in a tee time then you have to be there, in fact it is better to be there a little earlier just in case there is any chance you might be holding people up. Golf is a social sport and a lot of people work hard to fit it into their day so try not to delay anyone else. 

Don’t play the slow game, when it is your turn to hit the ball then be ready to go. There will more than likely always be a team coming up behind you so don’t dawdle and let everyone enjoy their turn on the hole. You can achieve this by putting the practice in on the putting greens and at home to perfect your swing. Nowhere does the cliché ‘practice makes perfect’ ring more true than on the golf course. 

No phones allowed! Turn off that mobile phone, and if you absolutely have to leave it on to take a call, move away from the other players and do so as quietly as possible.

Observe more experienced players on the course and you will pick up the little things, like that you lay the flagstick down carefully on the green. Or that you always replace any dirt or divots that you take out. Or that you rake the bunker after you have played to make it smooth for the next victim! Golf is a respectful and considerate practice and also is a great game for returning favours, so remember every time you do something nice for another player it will be repaid to you tenfold! 

Final newbie rule for today, is you must always look your best on the golf course. Handy that you are familiar with then, as you will never be far from a beautiful golf outfit to wear for your game. Your appearance on the golf course speaks volumes to other players about your respect for the game. Looking good will command respect from your fellow golfers…and make you feel great!

Lastly…enjoy the game!

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