Golf Dresses

26 Sep , 2016

I really like the new trend that has emerged of wearing dresses onto the golf course. This is a relatively new dimension to the traditional golf wardrobe for women and a welcome one! Clearly, dresses would be by their very nature a bit more weather dependent but when the sun is out and you are facing into 18 holes of walking around and hitting balls in the hit, the golf dress is your new best fashion friend. One piece, easy to wear and stylish, picking a dress for your golf attire is the way to go! There a quite a few dresses to choose from on so you are sure to find a pretty style for you whatever your personal taste is. Let’s take a look at a couple of them now, I have picked out 3 different dresses that really caught my eye.

First up, this black number from GGBLUE called the Ciara dress. Look, if you ask me, you can never go wrong with black no matter where you are going. It’s a serious colour for a serious golf player! Take a look…

Beautifully flattering sleeveless dress for your round of golf. No sleeves means you will be cool and calm on the course no matter how high the temperature soars. The material is both soft and lightweight for ease of wear and the subtle white panels on each side will help to enhance your hourglass silhouette while hitting a hole in one! Gorgeous choice and comes in at only $155.

Next up is a more athletic style dress and combines convenience with fashion. Pockets to the front and back for all those loose tees and balls, giving the dress a functional string to its bow also. The dress is constructed from Coolmax wicking fabric, which allows for moisture management and technical stretch. Meaning that you will be wearing this dress while playing your game and not the other way round. The Kristin dress is from FAIRWAY FOX and is reduced onsite right now, go get it! It also come is a variety of colours….one for every time you play each week perhaps…

And the final choice today has to be this sleek, lightweight, stretch dress by LIJA STYLE. Wow! Gorgeous colour and this is the perfect dress for warm weather golf playing.

Works really well with white shoes, doesn’t it? This dress has a side zip, V-neck collar and it’s 35’ in length. But really all you need to know is that it is a beauty and an essential addition to your golf style wardrobe!

That’s it for now, but do take a look on site as there are many more to choose from. Consider the dress as a possible outfit choice the next time you are off to hit 18 holes; it’s the golf look of the future!

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