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09 Sep , 2016

Who out there doesn’t love a bargain?? Now, I sometimes find it hard going to buy myself some new and gorgeous clothes…and that is just for work! But, when it comes to my hobby of playing golf, well let’s just say it is good to know that on one can find some great pieces in the clearance section to wear onto the course. Just take a look at some of the highlights…just some mind….lots more onsite! 

First up, I love this cute little skirt by FAIRWAY FOX. It is down from $160 to $89 and comes in a large variety of colours so something for everyone…you can get it in black, green, purple or beige. This skirt cuts an elegant figure both on and off the course and (possibly the best bit!) is machine washable and iron free! Hoorah…more time for hitting a few balls then. Take a look…


It’s great, and the exposed zip at the back gives it a real edgy, fashionable, statement look. One to wear when you want to stand out from the pack, definitely. 

There’s still more to choose from though, like this great combination of white top from CROSS SPORTSWEAR down from $55 to $39 teamed with a bright pair of capri pants from LIJA STYLE, which are reduced from $130 to $65! What a great buy! I think you will agree that these two pieces together will give a stunning silhouette on any green.

Golf outfit

I love that top especially, great slim fit look and it has UV protection built in! Clothes that literally keep you safe, what more could you ask for!! 

I also discovered this really cool set of towel, visor and glove in a matching plaid style and all have been reduced down.

GloveIt golf accessories

Gorgeous! How can you not look like the picture of golftastic style if you pair all three of these pieces together for your trip around the course. I love the subtle plaid pattern and the bold mixture of red and pink, very stylish and shows that you mean business.

And my final choice today from the clearance section on has to be this fabulous skirt from LIJA STYLE, which just conjures up images of sunny days on the golf course with the sun blazing down and the ball doing exactly what it is meant to do! Poetry in motion.

Absolutely lovely and the price is too as it is down from $120 to $65! Not to be missed. It is so feminine and pretty and no need to change when you get back to the clubhouse, this will work just as well in either situation.

There you have it, just a taster of the beauties available right now on What I love about all the clothes on this website is that which they are practical they are all also beautiful. Just because you are going out to play a sport, which can be tough going, does not mean you have to compromise on your love of all things stylish.

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