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There are so many amazing clothes and brands on InStyle Golfing that it’s kind of hard to know where to start! You can literally look fantastic on the golf course every day of the week with a totally different look! Well, I have to tell you, to a fashion obsessed golf lover like me that is like a, very attractive, red rag to a bull! I spend a lot of time every morning planning what I am going to wear to work so I am beside myself with excitement at the prospect of being able to plan more outfits when I go out on the golf course! 

But today, we will start small and just plan one look from the myriad of choice that features on our website. Remember now before we begin, you do need to be seen on the course at all times, for incoming FORES! and all the rest, so clashing colours and bright as you like outfits are the norm here. Having said that, you still want to look stylish, so pick complementary colours and walk onto the fairway with your fashion head held high! 

So starting with the top half, I simply love this Madison long sleeve top in limetini & lime from GGBLUE, which is onsite for $130. Gorgeous pattern and very chic, plus on those colder days you can zip up and keep the chill out. 

Eye-catching stuff I think you will agree! But then what if the sun decides to come out to play and you are (literally!) too hot to handle. Well…what you can do is match this long sleeved number with a shorter one underneath. Just like this beauty from LIJA STYLE for $95.

These two tops work really well together and keep you comfortable no matter what kind of weather you are working with. A perfect combination. 

Now to the bottom half… I would continue the theme from the top and add in a pair of navy shorts. These would pick up the colour from the top but also work perfectly with the yellow sleeveless piece on those hotter days.  

Plus these shorts are comfy and have pockets to the front and back for all those stray tees and balls etc.! They are also made of a quick drying fabric, which has some give in it to stretch and enhance your flexibility while playing. And…they look good! AND match in perfectly with the other two choices, giving you a stylish and distinctive figure on the golf course. These shorts are by LIJA STYLE also and come in at $135. 

Finally to top it all off, let’s through in this cool ballcap also from LIJA STYLE for $69. Just because the sun maybe too much and also this will finish your outfit off to a tee (geddit?).

And there you go, the full look. Now you are ready to turn heads with both your style and your game! 

All stock is currently available on our website.

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