Cleaning Golf Clubs

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, one of the most important aspects of keeping your golf game plain sailing is to keep your golf clubs clean. A lot of players forget to do it and are faced with the embarrassment of taking out grubby clubs from their bags in front on other players on the tee box. Not a good look….especially if you are wearing a stylish look from InStyle Golfing. Nope, you need to have pristine golf clubs at all times…to complete the look, if you will. 

First thing to do is to make it a habit to give your clubs a wipe down after each time you play. If you leave the dirt to dry onto the clubs it is not only harder to get off but the mud will find its way into the grooves and settle in. The grooves on your golf clubs affect the ball spin, so if they are clogged up, your game is going to be on the ropes. A good idea is to bring a damp towel with you when you go out to play and wipe your clubs down after each shot. Keeps them clean and then you don’t have to face into a big cleaning job when you reach the 19th hole! Everyone is happy! 

It is recommended if you are a regular player, to do a serious cleaning job on your clubs and golf bag about once a month. All you need is a basin of warm water with a mild dishwashing detergent, an old toothbrush and a towel. Then go for it and give those clubs a good deep clean. Remember to clean the grips as well as they can build up dirt over time. Once they are clean, then you will have better control of your shots on the course. 

It’s also vital to store your clubs correctly. They need to be kept indoors in a dry, temperature controlled space. Don’t put the head covers on them when they are inside and NEVER leave your clubs in the back of your car. When you drive around, your golf clubs will be going on the journey too and will feel the brunt of any bumps on the road and may get scratched or damaged. 

That’s pretty much it! As a golfer you need to consider your clubs as part of your new golf family and make sure to look after them. They are the main connect between you and the ball and if they are working at their optimum then you can expect your golf game to regularly improve over time.  

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