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Cleaning Golf Clubs

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned pro, one of the most important aspects of keeping your golf game plain sailing is to keep your golf clubs clean. A lot of players forget to do it and are faced with the embarrassment of taking out grubby clubs from their bags in front on other players on the tee box. Not a good look….especially if you are wearing a stylish look from InStyle Golfing. Nope, you need to have pristine golf clubs at all times…to complete the look, if you will. 

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Golf Dresses

I really like the new trend that has emerged of wearing dresses onto the golf course. This is a relatively new dimension to the traditional golf wardrobe for women and a welcome one! Clearly, dresses would be by their very nature a bit more weather dependent but when the sun is out and you are facing into 18 holes of walking around and hitting balls in the hit, the golf dress is your new best fashion friend. One piece, easy to wear and stylish, picking a dress for your golf attire is the way to go!

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Golf Ettiquette for Beginners

So you have decided to take up golf…well, welcome aboard! Now, once you have stocked up with some choice gear from, you are half way there! Have a bit of fun with this bit though, there is so much to choose from and you can walk out on the course for your first round feeling elegant and stylish and ready to rock. 

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Game On!

Who out there doesn’t love a bargain?? Now, I sometimes find it hard going to buy myself some new and gorgeous clothes…and that is just for work! But, when it comes to my hobby of playing golf, well let’s just say it is good to know that on one can find some great pieces in the clearance section to wear onto the course. Just take a look at some of the highlights…just some mind….lots more onsite! 

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